Amendment in Land Revenue Act 1967 (67 A & B)

The Evacuee Property and Displaced Persons Laws (Repeal) Act, 1975

The KP Finance Act, 2021

CVT Finance Act, 2010

The KP Abolition of Haq-i-Tora Act, 1946

The KP Development Cess Act, 1949

The KP (Disposal of Civil Cases and Removal of Doubt) Act, 1973

The KP Enforcement of Women Ownership Rights Act, 2012

The KP Katchi Abadis Act, 1996

The KP Land Revenue (Re-Imposition) Ordinance, 1978

The KP Land Tax and Agriculture Income Tax Ordinance, 2000

The KP Muqarraridars Conferment of Proprietary Rights Act, 1995

The KP Pre-Emption Act, 1987

The KP Protection of Trees and Brushwood Act, 1949

The KP Refugees (Registration of Land Claims) Act, 1949

The KP Requisitioning of Immvobale Property for Defence Purposes Ordinance, 1981

The KP Revision of Record of Rights (Validation) Act, 1991

The KP Salinity Control and Reclamation of Land Act, 1988

The KP Tenancy (Validation and Extension of Period for Payment of Compensation) Ordinance, 1969

The KP Tenancy Act, 1950

The Land Acquisition (Mines) Act, 1885

The Land Acquisition Act, 1894

The Punjab Alienation of Land Act, 1900

The Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900

The Punjab Soil Reclamation Act, 1952

The Registration Act, 1908

The Revenue Recovery Act, 1890

The Stamp Act, 1899

The Succession Act, 1925

The Transfer of Property Act, 1882

The W.P Board of Revenue Act, 1957

The W.P Consolidation of Holdings Ordinance, 1960

The W.P General Clauses Act, 1956

The W.P Govt Dues Recovery Ordinance, 1962

The W.P Hindu Women's Rights to Agricultural Land Ordinance, 1959

The W.P Land Dispositions (Saving of Shamilat) Ordinance, 1959

The W.P Land Revenue Act, 1967

The W.P Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Act, 1962

The W.P Recovery of Cost (Copies of Essential Revenue Records) Ordinance, 1963

The W.P Redemption and Restitution of Mortgaged Lands Act, 1964

The W.P Requisitioned Land (Continuance) Act, 1958

The W.P Requisitioning of Immovable Property Act, 1956

The W.P Urban Immbovable Property Tax Act, 1958

The W.P Urban Rent Restriction Ordinance, 1959