The vision of Revenue and Estate Department is to implement Rules and Regulation of Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for maintaing proper land record for both public and private lands in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province by good governence and optimal utilization of resources


To enhance the economic prosperity of the province by establishing Land Revenue Assessments and Recoveries of Land based revenue to create an efficient provincial resource mobilization system.

The Board

The Revenue & Estate Department is the controlling authority in all matters connected with administration of the land, collection of land revenue, or preparation of Land Records and other matters relating thereto, it is the highest Court of appeal and revision in Revenue cases in the Province. The Board is vested with general Superintendence and control over all Revenue Officers namely:
2.Collector (Deputy Commissioner)
3.Assistant Commissioner
4.Assistant Collector of the First Grade
5.Assistant Collector of the Second Grade

Being a controlling authority in matters connected with administration of the land assessment and collection of land revenue, preparation of land records and other matters, the Board of Revenue is entrusted with the overall control and supervision of revenue officers/officials and it is highest court in land revenue matters in the Province. The work relating to land acquisition, land lease, alienation of land etc. is also looked after by the Revenue & Estate Department. Measures for bringing into effect land reforms and social equality are also undertaken by the Department through assignment and distribution of surplus lands.


Reforms for Eradication of Corruption

  1. Assessment and collection of taxes
  2. Agriculture Income tax
  3. Land Acquisition Act
  4. Settlement and consolidation
  5. Stamps and Court Fees, Judicial and non-Judicial
  6.  Revenue Settlement and Re-assessment
  7.  Tenancy Laws
  8.  Boundary Dispute
  9.  Land Utilization